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The closest thing here is the weekly Wednesday meet at Quaker, Steak, and Lube (QSL) in St. Pete.
There can be a huge number bikes there at any one time.

Locally, we had our beloved "Fuel Motorcycle Cafe and Expresso Bar" which drew a daily and nightly crowd 7 days a week.

The cafe drew a hefty crowd for race days, plus BBQs, movie nights, dance nights, etc. For a small place, the joint was always jumping.
The food was excellent and the locally roasted coffee was divine.
People from all walks of life, from wealthy to poor, young to old visited the cafe.
The common thread was a common love of bikes.

The owner was quite a character. Originally from Thailand, he's a retired ballet dancer turned motorcycle racer, and Ducati fan.

Sadly, the econo crash eventually put it out to pasture. But everyone who considered themselves "fuellies" continue to hope it rises out of its ashes like the phoenix.

Here's an old link showing some photos. We were quite proud to have this place and were sad to see it go.
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