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Originally Posted by jondog9 View Post
Ahhhh. I stand corrected.
I think California courts have had it with all the people like me that got a little internet info and then go to court to fight that speeding ticket. From what I learned on the internet and what I experienced in court, if you keep picking at every little thing about radar and the cops ability and training to use it infallably, eventially you can get the technical fault you need to win.
So with Lidar, it's so accurate, and the training to the officers is so comprehensive, it's much harder to win against a ticket now than it may have been before.
That technical fault to get you out of a ticket ( win) is very unlikely these days. Once it proven that the radar system has been certified, calibrated, the officer has trained with the current system and laws for the state. There's not much left for a so called win, a compromise maybe. Over the last 5+ years or more law enforcement have stepped up the process to ensure that the speed detection device are more accurate then ever and even started to prove that the radar was working correctly before and after the encounter. Remember that over half the crap you read on the Internet is from the radar sector companies who wants you to buy there product. As I said on the zilla forum about this question, I could clock you in a second or under and if I'm in the right spot I could clock you before even I see you. I will post some video on this the next time I help out patrol.
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