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Certainly some good information/advice; some new, some old. All is appreciated.

Originally Posted by MorpheusRS View Post
In terms of the hp numbers its more like a 750 then a true 1000
Heard the sales guy mention something along those lines, but it's good to hear it from someone else.

Originally Posted by MorpheusRS View Post
you will hate the gas mileage tho, after the 60+- mpg of the 250 you drop to an honest 25-30 mpg of this beast.
Yanno, I never thought of that one, but that is kind of disappointing. People usually get pissed when I tell them I used to get 60+mpg and filled up for $10 every week and a half. But... what'cha gonna do? Seems totally worth it.

Originally Posted by James_03_rc View Post
I beleive as long as you respect a machine/tool it will do what's asked of it and not try to kill you in the process.

Originally Posted by gts455 View Post
see if you can get in a riding school or two. its amazing how much you will learn in just one day at these places.
Absolutely. Took the MSF course last year, and some of it really has stuck. At the end of last season, I had my back tire on the 250 Ninja blow out on the highway at 70mph or so. Single most terrifying moment of my life. But what was amazing was that the first thing that came to my head (other than "oh shi*t oh shi*t o shi*t") was what the guy said in the MSF course. Really good info.

Thanks guys; I've picked up a bit already. keep it coming
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