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Reacing Out to the community

Hey guys some of you know me some of you don't. Everyone should know I LOVE my Rc and dumped tons of money into it to make the 'ol girl what I wanted.

Long short I knocked up the wrong girl got a wonderful son out of the deal and a completely F'n nuts Ex. I know I know everyone says that. This girl got whacked out on pain pills got me thrown out of my house for 60 days Ive been in for 6 years. The judge has no problem with me seeing my son, but she won't let me. It sucks real F'n bad. When I went back with a sheriff escort to get work clothes I saw what happened to my bike and was devastated.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions... No I didn't beat her, no I'm not getting into it. Theres no charges and the judge has no problem with me seeing the boy.

So I'm out on my ass paying all the bills at a house I cant go to that my kid I cant see is at with my bike that is now hammered paying rent at a buddys house. If any one has some stuff around I need that could work me a very fair deal on that would be super cool.

Its a SP2

Clutch cover


Mid pipes and a right matching can (long shot) or another system.

Gas Tank prefer 06 black but any will do any OEM paint gotta be pretty clean

Sv1000 radiator

Cool headlight
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You don't need bike parts you need either a real attorney or a really deep hole far out in the woods.
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...holy shit

kill. that. bitch.
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2003 SP2: Everything I could find.
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SBK Id Love to have some LB mids but I've already got a dick load of money into this bike as I set it up how I liked it. So ill be cruizin ebay and such looking for a not beat up but used set of whatever is affordable. Not that its not a great deal for what they are but I just cant drop 400 on mids alone thanks though really nice stuff...

Cant kill the whore, because of aforementioned child... we weren't married so the laws in FL really just screw the guy super super bad. She lives there almost two years not one bill, nothing I took care of it all and encouraged her to spend the year with the baby instead of going right back to work. Its my house Ive owned for years. Cops wont even let me remove my bike or the tools from the property with out HER PERMISSION, yeah... you read that right. Its considered common property. My bike that is registered to me alone and my tools Ive been collecting for 18 years are "common property" in my house that has nothing to do with her that shes in that I have to pay for but cant go to, tell ya what guys times like this you learn just how much you can take before you snap. Say a prayer for my boy that I don't find out just how much I can take.

This little skank sent me a offer, if I let her stay in my house for another 90 days (its been about 45 already) pay all the bills and stay away. She'll let me have my son two days a week... Oh and I have to give her $2000.00 Dollars or I cant see my kid... the balls on this bitch are huge! Theres a special place in hell waiting on little parasites like this itll work out.

Yes its all LEGAL is the crazy part until a hearing which can take 60-90 days. Little slut hired a lawyer and worked the system. I have a lawyer to, currently until the hearing theres nothing I can do. Because I didn't marry the cunt. Had I married the cunt I would have legal recourse. And she promptly moved her meth head mother into my house cause her meth head mother couldn't pay the bills in her trailer. So now I pay both of their bills in my house. In the end I believe I will get the baby and everything will be OK its just a very trying time right now in Brian's life. Stay away from strippers fellas, they're bad people with shit for souls.

Ahhhh the great sunshine state!!!

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I feel your pain bro I really really do. Been there, done that Strippers, getting the cunt knocked up the whole fuckin mess so please please please please please fuckin listen to me when I tell you these few things.

1. There is no hell. Throw that idea of karma right out the window and never rely on anything magically working in your favor ever again because it won't. You have to make things happen for yourself and now. There is no waiting for her to get what's coming to her because it doesn't really work that way.

2. Show her no mercy EVER again on anything. You do every single nasty legal thing you and your lawyer can think of to do to her for the rest of her life. If your lawyer is too big of a pussy then get another one that will play every dirty trick the law allows on her to make her life miserable. If you don't, she will beat you to it and you will spend the rest of your life regretting that you didn't fuck her shit up first. DO NOT EVER relent. NEVER do another nice thing for her or think to yourself that she has had enough and deserves a break not even for all the tears and promises in the world. That is just another way they get in your head to continue to fuck with you in the future.

3. Don't let her use the kid against you not in the manner described above or guilt you into doing something for the child's sake as that is all just bullshit. The best thing for the kid is to get completely away from that piece of shit or it will just end up as fucked up as she is and probably turn on you as well, but not before it steals a car, kills somebody etc because she raised it like a heathen and then you get sued for that shit too... If you don't handle this correctly the next 2 decades of your life is FUBAR. She will ruin every relationship you even try to have by inserting her shit and drama into your life and using the kid as a wedge to do it.

4. I am pretty sure I have an OEM clutch cover you can have.
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I'm on it, having a kid involved f#%ks with you in ways you'd never expect. Also makes you find strength you never knew you had, my mother has been extremely supportive and... believe it or not my Ex that I was with for 7 years has been very supportive as well. Never thought I'd talk to her again but my current Ex (crazy whore lets call her) tracked a few of my Ex's down on Facebook and was trying to start a F#@k Brian party. An awesome thing happened, across the board she got the general reply "Brian's a nice guy, it didn't work but I don't hate him. So no thank you." unexpected support in a time of need was really cool and interesting.

I'm going for 100 percent custody. The day she found that out is last day I saw my son and coincidentally enough the same day that shit happened to my bike. Before that it was all sorry for calling the cops I was drunk I'm dropping the charges lets work this out. Clearly I don't feel the same way seeing as she's a rotten whore. She covered her ass though, she called the police and said the house was broken into and that's the only thing that happened. The only thing that happen when my house was robbed was my bike got beat with a hammer for a very long time... right.

A clutch cover may as well be a bar of gold right now man, Ill put it on the dresser in the room that I'm staying in next to my boys picture. Need all the reasons to not snap clear and in my face, must stay focused. Certainly Ill pay shipping and even offer a few bucks. Thanks!

She knows how much I love that bike. Its a perfect balance off attitude power and comfort purpose built soley for my use and how I ride... and she knows that.

And I'm "Reaching out" lol, I can spell just noticed the typo in the title but can't change it

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Dammit the clutch cover I have came off the SP2 I bought solely to do another track build. I never rode it or paid much attention etc, but the clutch cover looks like shit. I mean it works and will get you by until a better one comes along but it's ugly at best.

If you want it just PM me your address and I'll ship it immediately. I've got a gold CRG clutch lever too if you have a need
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Damn man, really don't know what to say about the bike. But I'd kill a bitch.

I feel your pain with your son. I'm kind of in the same place with a crazy ex. I haven't been able to see my son since the end of last year summer break. Whenever my visitation time comes around my ex gets some doctor to write a letter saying whatever reason why it would be detrimental to my son's health to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, or spring break with me. With the Dr. letter, mine and my lawyer's hands a tied.

At least it sounds like that you are not a 12 hr drive away from your son.

I also have a damaged, but usable, clutch cover sitting on the shelf. So Mike if you really want to keep yours please let us know.

For exhaust, DanMotos on ebay are cheap. They may not be the best in looks or build, but they will get you back on the road.

Hang in there man.

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I have an 04 stock tank. Are the forks bent?

2003 RC
1988 FZR1000R
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