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Originally Posted by ..stiffler.. View Post
awesome thx. im the noob with the rc51 haha..

also this may be a dumb question but I have the 15/41 sprocket and my speedo reads bang on with a gps... example speedo reads 120km/h and gps reads 119.9km/h

my guess is that I have a speedo healer... now how do I tell I have one of these...where are they located?

thanks again

Look for a small electronics module probably zip-tied to the subframe.
It interconnects between the speed sensor connector and the wiring harness.
The speed sensor is located at the right rear of the upper engine case the the mating surface, and the cable connects to the harness at the front right area of the subframe.
Follow the cable from the sensor and you should find the speedo-healer (or similar module).
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