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06-25-2015 10:33 PM
MakisRC51 This explains how the USD still holds it's value despite the hundreds of millions of bank notes they keep printing
This is the reason why the Bank Cartel attacks any country that chooses to export it's oil in currency other than USD

06-25-2015 05:47 AM
The Stig Russia has some of the world's largest energy reserves.... which China needs now and will in future.
China also knows that should Russia's government become a part of the global ruling class, then China would be next in line...and without Russia by it's side.
So Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa have created the BRICS investment bank (These 5 countries share 20% of global GDP and this is set to grow), then laterly the AIIB an even larger bank. These are primarily funded & therefore controlled by the Chinese. The AIIB has a total of 57 founding member countries of which even the UK are members, but the U.S. chose to not apply for membership...
These large development banks are direct threats to the U.S. controlled IMF & World banks, the U.S. sees this & other developments as a currency war, for want of a better term...
With the new silk road project getting under way to bring products from China, via other countries direct to the EU at high speed, the U.S., Canada, Japan & EU know that if China's growth isn't quelled, the U.S.' role as a central currency is under serious jeopardy. The U.S. has traditionally created war & or caused instability in any country that threatened or tried to sell it's oil in anything but the Petrodollar (Iran, Venezuela, are two examples).
Russia is trading oil in Roubles, Yuan & Gold, in response to the sanctions that the U.S. has masterminded which includes transations between international banks & the largest Russian corporations. And the US & NATO allies first caused a coup in Ukraine, at Russian's doortep & are increasingly threatening Russia by placing military & equipment at it's borders under the guise of NATO exercises. The next move will be to expand Nato forces & equipment and there is talk of 50,000 troops. Certainly a lot of money is to be gained between military industrialists with need for so much weapons production & NATO's expansion is a way for the U.S. to have military control in Europe, but the US is playing with fire here.
If Russia begun placing military & equipment in Mexico right next to the northern border, how do you think the U.S. would react? - That's what NATO has been doing recently.
Ultimately there are no winners of a nuclear war. All of us including our children would be dead or suffer terrible lives of sickness, disease, etc. It's not an option, but the U.S. military industrial complex is out of control. It's all about raking in the money with war for them, so the U.S. continues to be involved militarily all over the world. There is also talk coming of compulsory military service in the U.S. But this carries very high financial costs and the U.S. spending on military power can only continue for as long as the U.S. dollar holds it's value...
The U.S. & Europe see their ship sinking and the only possible way they see to defend against China's financial rise, is to create an unfair trading advantage for it's largest banks & corporations to benefit from. TTP & TTIP is a party to which China & Russia are clearly not invited. Having followed TTP's progress for the last 3 years, I could see how unpopular it would be, but it's so important to the largest global corporations to continue to have unfair advantages, regardless of right or wrong, it was always a matter of when, not if. Not only that but more control of governments by corporations can only be a good thing for shareholders and it's all about the money for them....
Will TTP & TTIP work? As they don't benefit humanity, personally I think it's unlikely in the long term it'll have the quite desired destructive effect on China's continued growth that is anticipated.
It's also probably too late. The silk road project, Brics & AIIB are counter measures which will bring financial growth, jobs, infrastructure and unity. Where the global hegemony's aim is to divide & conquer, these financial allies of Russia & China are doing the opposite, partnering in major financially beneficial projects and thereby creating strength & resilience not just for themselves, but for the Chinese Yuan, which is looking likely to be the next central currency after the petrodollar's demise.
China sold 11 million passenger cars domestically last year (Mostly of foreign owned manufacturers - every major car manufacturer has a presence in China, most have factories for domestic Chinese production only). 11 million cars sold in one year, most often not to replace other cars as there are so many new drivers... That's a huge rise in Chinese oil consumption in just one year & naturally this trend will continue as China's economy develops further. Although China does buy oil in USD from Saudi Arabia, it knows it must continue to buy from it's ally neighbor and when doing so, this is oil is now paid for in Yuan or Roubles & less & less using the US$ for transactions. The Yuan is already becoming a globally traded currency and this time it's the U.S. who is not invited to the party.
The US dollar has been heading for a big adjustment for some time and the largest bubble of them all is showing serious signs of collapse in the not too distant future. It's already a monumental financial mess, which has been caused by fraud, theft, wars and worse over decades, especially in recent years. It's evident Western governments nowadays serve banks & corporations first & foremost and not necessarily their people (TTP & TTIP are one very proof of this). There is no long term success in ruling like this especially as things go seriously wrong, which is already the case. It's hidden not least by the presstitute media, but you can't fix the largest frauds in Human history with even larger frauds and get away with it for long... sooner or later the truth leaks or makes itself glaringly evident.
When there is no confidence left in Fiat currencies, then paper money value will plummet. The US dollar will devalue suddenly as will the Euro & other paper currencies. Smart people are investing their money in rare & precious assets, rather than keeping it in banks, or trusting the rigged financial markets to park their money.
Sadly as even most of Congress is corrupt, there's no sign that the US government sees it's folly as the ship heads as furious speed for the rocks , even though it's so blatantly evident if people know where to look... dead ahead.
Although it would cause global financial chaos, a collapse in the value of the US dollar, would also mean much less military activity wherever the US is involved, whether it be the Middle East, North Africa, or Russia & China's doorsteps. For sure it'll be a rude awakening when the US dollar is no longer a central currency, it's not if, only a question of when.
06-25-2015 03:18 AM
MakisRC51 I saw this today

After some research I found this

Despite Jones' opinion, one cannot oversee the facts he produces in videos and documents

Heavy food for thought
05-27-2015 07:17 AM
MakisRC51 Never thought it through, that deep ! !

05-27-2015 02:01 AM
MakisRC51 This summarize it pretty much up

05-26-2015 07:41 PM
The Stig I have a friend whose father happened to have been Gadaffi's personal physician a long time ago and some of his observations from growing up in Eastern Bloc countries are quite interesting sometimes. He speaks Russian amongst other languages too.
One thing I remember him telling me was that during the USSR's period before the iron curtain came down, the people the government had most difficulty influencing with their propaganda were the farmers. They weren't immersed in the rat race, so could see the wood from the trees.

Sometimes if we stand back and look from an outside perspective at the society in which we are immersed and compare to what life may have been like a couple of hundred years ago, we can get a glimpse that we live in a world of insanity...
05-26-2015 06:57 PM
avionicstech Good info. here guys, its crazy what the population is programmed to think is acceptable. and the false hope and security that the self serving politicians really have our best interest in mind. Its a scary thought where they are leading us, and what its going to be like a couple generations from now. Having read this and spent the day with an Obama hater, I am going to undepress and smell some plexus!
05-26-2015 02:37 PM
The Stig
Originally Posted by BTF/PTM View Post
Here in Europe, news suppliers like Der Spiegel and Reuters are popular as they (for the most part) leave the opinions to the readers and just print what actually went down
I don't know about Der Spiegel but I can tell you with some certainty Reuters is not a source of news to be trusted without question. It's one of the biggest news agencies. They are experts in spin... Of course people believe what they see as truth, for the most part. If people didn't then Reuters wouldn't have the following they do.

But you need to ask yourself, is a highly profitable global news agency that sells news to many sources internationally to be trusted? It's better to read from independent news sources where the writer or report doesn't have significant financial gain to make from the news published.
The links I gave will give that sort of perspective... They're not financed in the way mainstream news agencies are and rely on donations & book sales,
People with a lot of knowledge of fact write for these non mainstream news sources and I find them a lot more realistic & honest as they cover the stories from the side of the defending fence not the offending side. You always want to get a balanced perspective as much as possible when reading between the lines to know what's really happening.

Some years ago Al was a good news source, but then after they gave their coordinates to the US military so they wouldn't get bombed by accident, guess whose offices were destroyed?
So nowadays we see Al Jazeera reporting material from Reuters & other news agencies. is financed by Russia, so is more independent.
05-26-2015 02:27 PM
The Stig
Originally Posted by MakisRC51 View Post
The same practices were applied with Sadam, Gaddafi, Chavez and every other leader who tried to print or relate his country's oil exports on his own currency other than the USD.
...and so this is why Russia is such a big threat to the U.S. now and why Macedonia is now being pushed into civil war to bring about a difficulty for the planned Russian gas pipeline and force Greece to drop its deal with Russia...

The Proschenko puppet regime under control of Victoria Nuland has made a BIG mistake in this assassination:

The have made Alexey Mozgovoy a martyr in a war. His replacing commander only need lead his army By the same manner with respect & love for humanity to win the respect of both his own & the opposing military force. NATO member assistance that be given to Kiev, but with a Martyr as an icon of Ukraine's people it has just become very difficult to defeat the Donbass army when using Ukranian enlisted soldiers. This may be why the U.S. is seemingly ready to give up on pouring good money after bad into Ukraine currently.

There looks to be similar operations by U.S. contractors in Macedonia now to start a color revolution.
The U.S. plotocracy wants chaos there... By dividing & conquering as they always do, so it would become much more difficult for Greece to complete it's part in the planned Russian gas pipeline which will come through Turkey. The U.S. Wants Greece to have to supply gas from the Middle East instead.
The Macedonian resistance that shall be formed would do well to find a commander of Mozgovoy's stature, love & integrity for humanity. It's the best way forward, logically & spiritually.

R.I.P. Alexey Mozgovoy
05-26-2015 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by BTF/PTM View Post
This thread got good =D

Thanks for the links, guys. I don't read US news anymore, haven't for years. Here in Europe, news suppliers like Der Spiegel and Reuters are popular as they (for the most part) leave the opinions to the readers and just print what actually went down.

That Hitler film is more than eye-opening, I haven't finished all of it yet cuz it's frikkin long, but it's sure not what I learned in history classes as a kid.
The same practices were applied with Sadam, Gaddafi, Chavez and every other leader who tried to print or relate his country's oil exports on his own currency other than the USD.
WWI was staged too, as well as the Vietnam war.....

Search and you shall find
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