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Rc4tier51 12-28-2018 05:26 PM

New guy from Diego
I ride a 03 RC51 hi everyone. Trying to dial in my suspension settings with factory forks and rear shock. I am 178lbs and ride 50/50 combo street and twisties, I am an aggressive rider and the roads are really bad around the city but get better the farther you get away from it(wild cat canyon etc) does any body have a setup for my weight 178lbs is without the gear on. Thanks

PlymptonRC51 12-28-2018 06:27 PM

Welcome !!! Not to sound like a dicks, but there are a few posts about suspension setup in this forum. Type in suspension settings, in search bar and will come up. There is a lot more information then I can give you there. There have been many conversations about suspension over the years and will all come up when to in things like shock, forks, suspension settings. Hope this helps. Also is a good site, it was created by the resident suspension guy here Mike from Kyle Racing.

budoka 01-03-2019 12:21 PM

I'm heavier than you, but starting with your front forks you can set the sag, but it usually takes a second person to do it right (Mike may disagree but he's a wizard too so he can do stuff that a lame brain like me would just screw up). Chances are your rear shock is still in reasonable repair as mine was/is; my front springs were pretty much done, but our local guy got the forks far better set up than they were. I was planning to send Mike my forks for a professional rebuild but that is on hold thanks to some other necessities (the "war department" striketh), and I would highly recommend going that way versus doing it yourself. The front isn't really hard to do the set-up once the sag is proper, but I'd recommend at least some kind of pro help to have peace of mind knowing it's done right from the get go. Made a whole different bike out of it for my world. Can only imagine what a real professional rebuild would be like.

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