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General Information

Bought Sep '17 @ 19,333 miles.

- Nose fairing cracked and broken in multiple places. Tail has sun damage and a single crack along with very little rash. Left/right fairings have rash and tore up decals. Right faring does not connect to the left fairing at the connection point on the bottom.

- Tank has 2 small gouges on the left side.

- Seat torn.

- Clutch cover plate has rash.

- Dunlop Sportmax Q2 180/55 and Pilot 120/60 (both from 2010.)

- Rash in various other locations such as clutch/brake levers, mirrors, exhaust support brackets.

Bike has:
- 16/43 gearing
- Harris S/O pipes
- Harris Rear set
- Harris C/F front fairing
- Ohlins steering damper w/ Harris brace
- Turnone C/F Air Box
- Turnone C/F snorkel
- Hotbodies tail eliminator kit
- Soft Rev mod
- PAIR system removed

-November 2017-

-Replaced nose cowling with new OEM
-Various cosmetics (decals, tank sticker, reservoir covers)
-Replaced driver seat with new OEM
-Replaced clutch cover plate with new OEM
-Replaced brake/clutch levers with CRG RC2 short levers
-Replaced brake lines with Galfer SS lines

-January 2018-

-Replaced tail cowling with new OEM
-Replaced Left & Right cowling with new OEM
-Replaced tires with Dunlop Q3+s (120/70 & 190/55)

To do list: (updated Oct 2021)

1. Strip bike down and clean everything up like new
2. Inspect wiring and clean up wire bundles and properly route/secure them
3. Fix turning signal (intermittent function)
4. Purchase/install PC
5. Replace mirrors with OEM mirrors
6. Replace bar ends with OEM ends
7. Remove Ohlins damper and Harris brace and replace with OEM brace
8. Replace spark plugs

Resources to remember:
Kyle Racing
Rogue RC51
2002 Honda RVT1000R (Stock)



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