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OK so some history. In 2001, a co-worker bought both the RC51 and a Triumph 955 Daytona on the same day from the same shop. He shortly thereafter had a severe wreck on his CBR600.
After his wreck he rarely rode. As such the Daytona, to this day, has 8 miles on it. Both the RC and the Daytona lived in the house with a cover on them.
As I'm sure everyone who might ever read this knows the RC51 is impossible to ignore. As such, even though he didn't ride much he still had to ride the RC some.
In 2008, when I started working with him he had ridden the RC to work one day. Now he had been trying to sell me his CBR600 but I didn't want one of those. I saw the RC and said he should sell it to me. He said it wasn't for sale. I said if it ever was it was mine. End of story.
Fast forward to July 2011, I get back to the states from an 8 week trip to Brazil for work. My first day back at work I see the RC out in front of the office with a for sale sign on it. I pulled the sign off it, carried it to my co-worker and asked him to get my bike off the curb. He did so.
The next morning I see it on the curb with the sign on it again. I again repeated my actions from the day before and asked him to get it off the curb. He said I never gave him any money. So I took the sign with me and went to the bank. It's been mine ever since.
At the time of purchase it had just over 3700 miles on it and nary a scratch to be found. These days it is not so pristine but it does get ridden regularly and sometimes hard. It has never been down and still spends it's nights indoors with a cover on it.
2001 Honda RC51 (Red/Silver/Black)


Hot bodies undertail.
Heated Grips. Braking Radial clutch lever.



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