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pretty much stock. Looking for some Bonsaii Sato's
This is the 6th RC, 1st of the SP1s....Have had 5 other SP2's all being but one were Nicky Hayden Editions... one 06 all black SP2...(which two of these, 1st 04 NH and the 06 )were taken from me, without a trace...GONE! the others..well they should just had well stole them too...just a few parts off each to remember them by and down the road they went, except for the last one I bought, that my nephew decided that he was going to see if he could climb a tree with..I still have the remains of it..it is now a parts donor for the things i need and then also a few fellow RC owners, that I can help out with these ever growing see of parts...

I have a few others CBR954rr and CBR1000, but these are still not a RC...RC not the fastest bikes i have owned...not the most expensive( im trying to tell myself that anyways) but they are damn sure the coolest!
2002 Honda RC51 (Red/Silver)


now stock SP1 wheels for riding with the rainy/colder weather with Mich. pilot 4 sports., but have set of CBR954 three bars that have been retrofitted to fit correctly, with Dunlop Q3s and also as SP2 stock, powder coated to Iodized Gold, for summer months of good weather wrapped in nothing yet...plan to swap over in May and get new set of rubbers,,,,most likely the pilot sports in the 190/55 & 170/20 17s. But have thought of checking to see if the 200/55/17 will fit
Stock, with up one sown 2 on sprockets...(i believe anyways 520 conversion) DID chain (gold) with 2 to 1 Jardine at the moment, but will be upgrading to SATO Banzai or HRC Replica LadyBirds very soon.
all oem plastics from 04 Nicky Hayden Edition, ALL STOCK
04 suspension, with CBR954 swinger, but about to change out to 04 RC swinger.

Stock 02 front forks and stock 04 rear shock, all stock, either from SP1 original parts or SP2 from one of 5 NH Donors i have had over the years
Grips are black/grey pro grips, with
Wheel and Tire
nothing extra except for the Power Commander USB 3. and few LED warning lights.



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