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General Information

Force Silver Metallic / Winning Red
I bought this crashed in 2013 and it has taken me damn near 5 long years to get it street worthy. All I need now is the turn signals. I honestly can't even list what is all on this now. I will at a later date.

Has all Typical Mods, 520 conversion, pair sys/flapper mod, etc.

Restorations / Replaced

Replaced Throttle cables (push/pull), Switch Assembly, Choke cable
Replaced Throttle Tube
Replaced the front ignition coil – It wasn’t sparking (only one cylinder was running) so we bought another one to replace it thinking it was bad. Turns out it was the connector end piece only—it just wasn’t making a good connection. Well now we have a spare, but I want to do the coil on plug mod anyway. http://www.rc51forums.com/forums/60-how-articles/6482-how-600rr-coil-plug-conversion.html
Replaced broken Satos with OEM cans (for now)
Replaced Clutch master cylinder and reservoir assembly (I bought it off a ’98 VTR1000F, same thing, no RC51 hype)
Replaced front brake reservoir cup
Replaced subframe (long story in itself)
Replaced fairing stay with original aluminum SP2 stay
Replaced battery with a Shorai LFX19A4-SB12 battery
Replaced ground down or corroded hardware with genuine OEM hardware (for exhaust, triple clamps, banjo, fuel tank flange bolts, etc)
Replaced front axle with a used one off eBay
Replaced clutch and brake levers with shorties
Replaced clip-ons/grips
Bead blasted areas that were pitted from corrosion and general road crap.
Repolished all “shiny” metal surfaces
Swingarm and radiator powdercoated
Replaced stock ram air intake screen with single custom, 3D printed piece to improve laminar airflow
Tank had to be repaired (dents on both sides)
New fuel pump gasket
Vortex fuel cap
New fuel line
New AM bodywork
New double bubble screen
Bolt Kit
New Mirrors
New RK 520 Chain
I am sure there is more but I have lost count of the money that I have spent

Have But Still Need to Install
New Fork seals

Need to Do
Tank painted
Flushmount turn signals

Want List
Left new fork cap and adjuster screw
Satos to replace the ones that were ruined in the crash (after I win the lottery, right?)
Seat reupholstered by HT Moto (http://www.htmoto.us/) like my CBR seat.
Replace clutch case cover
Newer Power Commander
Maybe a new oil cooler because mine is pretty pitted from road wear and it is ugly. Or get mine redone somehow.
Wheels refinished and powdercoated
2002 Honda RVT1000R (Force Silver Metallic / Winning Red)


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