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i recently picked up an ‘04 RC51, brought it home yesterday and went for a ride. First 25-30 miles everything seems fine. Ran it through the RPM Range in the lower gears. All seemed good. Good strong pull.
Took it on the expressway, things seem good for a few miles. But then she started acting up. In 3rd or 4th gear about 6-7000 r’s fell on her face. Let off a little bit and it would pick back up. Lean on it and it would fall off on power again.
Thought it acted like it was running out of fuel. Limped it in to a gas station. As I was on the exit ramp it shut off completely. Would not restart. Refueled it up, thinking that was the problem. Still no start. Not even a pop.

Turn the key on, I hear the pump running for a few seconds then shut off. Assuming it makes pressure.

What would be the first couple things to check for?

I heard about a fuel pump test process. I’m checking into that.
Thanks for the advice, I’m sure it’s something simple
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