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03 RC51 full race with 16' trailer

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Need money, will post pitures soon.
2003 RC51 with all free mods, power commander 3 usb ( new this session ), Full Erions exhault ( two sessions ), New Clutch ( this Session ), New Yoyo Slipper ( one track day ), Morki link, Penski rear ( double clicker, freshen this year), Scotts dampner ( freshen this year ), Clip ons, quick turn, wire harness, Turn one carbon snorkel, crg levers, new plugs with 4 new plug in box, open air box, rad. mod, relocated bat mob, relocated ecu mod, soft rev. mod, pair mod., wraped exhaust pipes, superbike tail, one sato rear and one osf rear, both with extras parts, quick shift, braking rotors, stands, tyer sox warmers ( worn but work ), gearing, full saftey wired, one day on motul 300v oil, many other stuff can not remember. set on PVM 16.5 wheels and rotors, with 3 sets of tires, and 2 rain rear. boxes of share parts. clean title, 11500 on odom.

2006 16' home stead trailer, tandom wheels ( new tires, rotors, brakes, bearings ) electric brake.
comes with inside lights, 9 hp generator, craftman boxes ( top 13 draw and bottom 6 or 7 draw ), mounted inside with work table, set of craftmans tool and others, 3 chocks for bike ( fit 3 bike good ), tie downs, and more.
ready to drive to track and race.

I can email picture tonight, I am to stupid to load picture on here.
[email protected]
or PM me
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Both bike and trailer for $10,000? If so, Woot!!
I just wish I had 10 grand...and a truck to tow it with.
I wish you good luck, and a quick sale. :)
What about seperately? Any interest in selling off some trick parts?

parts of of the bike??? Not wanting to part out, but I will sell the bike seperate. email me and i will sedd pictures.
[email protected]
pictures were taken after a rain day on the track, bike has been cleaned
seems that everbody wants one or the other, so i will do either bike or trailer or both. Email me if interested
still for sale

still have bike
bike sold
trailer still for sale 5000.00
Man I could sure use that tool chest and lower cabinet. :)
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