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03 rc51 part out whats left

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hey whats up guys this is whats left of my part out. want to get rid of it. all parts are in great condition. nothing was ever down or crashed. im building a project out of this bike so most of the stuff like i said has to go

fuel tank with no fuel pump or fuel cap
right side radiator mint

full oem fairings from front to rear... no headlights.. fairings were painted blue by previous owner. bike was never down would really like to sell this as a full kit... but willing to part out if necessary
front fairing
both side fairings
belly pan

oem exhaust.
fairing stay
clip ons

let me know what you guys are interested in. i can provide pics ... the only pics i dont have is of the gas tank off the bike.
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How much for the speedo? How many miles does it read?
Could you e-mail me pics of the tank, also has it been repair and how much. Also i was wondering if you had the lock assembly to the rear seat/cowling, not the key lock itself just where the seat locks down?
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