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Hey guys!

Been creeping around for a bit but not joining in.

Some winter work is already getting started to put the bike on a high fibre diet to lose some serious weight.
Plans so far is all the following in carbon from DHC.
Seat or tail
I think I missed the hugger.

Tank will be Kevlar from CTI I think.
Wheels I still have to source but have a line on a crazy nice set for big bucks...
Rear rotor will be carbon.

Pipe I will be making my own 2 into 1 that I can tune.

It already has some great parts in the engine as it has only been a Canadian Superbike.
Ohlins fork internal, Ohlins shock, quickshift and tuner.

Estimated weight loss including wheels should be a conservative 30 pounds, 15 alone in tank and airbox!

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