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05 Rvt1000 Xtra Clean 8,055.00

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Im selling my o5 rc51. This bike is in like new condition, not a scratch, never thrashed.7,900 miles, Its all stock except the exhaust (SATO titanium slip ons). Fresh oil & filter, brake , clutch fluid. The machine comes with rear seat , seat panel, owners manual. On a 1-10 scale tires are a 9. Bike is a 10, Black & grey color scheme. The price is nada avg book, but machine is well above average.
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PRICED TO SELL!!!!! reduced to $7250.00 This is a stand tall , adult owned machine. If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me . Thanks, Ken
I'm surprised marco427 hasn't already
jumped on this. He's looking for a pristine
SP-2 and yours sounds nice. A couple of
nice photos might help your sale.
Pics Please!
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