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06 Upper Cowl Mark Decal

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Hey guys. I am taking another shot in the dark with this one as I did some months back. I am looking for the upper cowl mark decal for my 2006. It's the actual decal that says RC51. Hondas part# is 64233-MCF-A50ZA. No one has it anymore as I'm sure you all know and the graphics/sign company I went to wasn't able to produce what I needed. If anyone has one or even a set that they are willing to part with and sell, please let me know. Thanks in advance as always.
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There was a guy from Bulgaria on Fleabay selling the entire RC decal kit. I got one and it is quality stuff. Granted, it isnt EXACTLY the same as the OEM decals but they are damn close. I used them as a template. Its took a few weeks to get to me but it was worth it. He's a good guy to deal with. His engrish is a little broken but he is willing to work with you on what decals you want. See this link.
Thank you. I've used him for a few things in the past. Sadly my OCD has gotten the best of me and trying my hardest to get oem.
Try Ralf Haas on Facebook, he makes the woody decals too...
Is this what you are looking for?
Gas Font Rectangle Carmine Composite material
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What other "goodies" are you hiding? 😁😁😁🧐🧐🧐
What other "goodies" are you hiding? 😁😁😁🧐🧐🧐
I'm not telling:whistle::whistle:

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