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2000-2001 rc51 pcIIIr Brand New in Box!

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2000-2006 rc51 pcIIIr Brand New in Box!

i have a new pcIIIr for a 2000-2001 rc51. this will also work for all other years too. you would just have to download the files for your year bike from dynojet. comes with everything, cable, disk, pcIIIr, list of dynojet facilities and instructions. $200 plus shipping


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Bump for a KICK ASS deal!!!

Someone needs to pick this up quick. I would but I already have one.

how much the charges if u shipped to Singapore?...& what mapping u using?
how would you be paying? i would like to keep the sale in the u.s.. this item is new i never used this pc3r so you would have to choose the map u wanted to use with it. :)
have u tried in Ebay..so can pay u by pay pal..
if its still available feb 15th send me a pm ill have some money :cool:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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