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27557 miles and in extraordinarily fine condition. Flawless performance, always runs at normal temps, no overheating, even in traffic. Ever.
Second owner since July 2007. Located in Jacksonville FL.
All maintenance and upgrades performed by me. Tire changes and balancing, too.
Lots of paperwork, owners manual and the OEM service manual included. Pic below.
Any and many additional pics can be provided.
Kyle reworked OEM forks. 20mm valve rework (with new bushing and seals)—45 miles ($775)
Kyle Ohlins H0204 shock with #105 spring—45 miles ($899)
Kyle link—45 miles ($250)
Spiegler braided front lines from Kyle—45 miles ($110)
Pilot Power tires—zero miles
Corbin seat, standard grain black leather—zero miles ($300)
15/43 sprockets and 520 ZVM-X chain—zero miles ($209)
AGM battery—two starts, zero miles
NGK4709 Iridium plugs—45 miles
OEM Air filters—45 miles
Oil and filter—45 miles
Antifreeze—45 miles
Fuel Pressure Regulator—45 miles
Thermostat and coolant hoses--45 miles
Throttle body (manifold) “boots” replaced—45 miles
PAIR removal and blockoff plates –45 miles
Engine is absolutely stock. No mods, valvetrain has NOT been adjusted yet.
Jardine high-mounts, stainless, #18-1212-3, 13 years old in beautiful condition
OEM headers were “jet-hotted” by High Perf Coatings in 2008. Still perfect.
Rear pipe wrapped to protect shock, secured with stainless steel zip ties. Pic below.
Power Commander (IIIr) with M105-303 map. I added slight low-rev richness at 0 and 2% throttle settings to smooth that lean stumble at parking lot speeds.
Helibar raised clip-ons (OEM clipons are provided in the spare parts)
Heated grips, Dual Star—Hi/Low/Off switch is mounted where flapper diaphragm was.
Shogun Motorsports sliders. Pic below.
HighTechSpeed “Proton” front signals
Rear tire hugger in black gloss fiberglass. Pic below.
SpeedoHealer—The speedo is exactly calibrated to 70 mph with a 20.2% correction factor.

Fuel pump and low fuel sensor, replaced 2015
The infamous fuel tank “hinge leak” repaired by professional welder in 2011. Pics below.
Front calipers and master cylinder, rebuilt using OEM Honda parts at 19K miles
Clutch master and slave, rebuilt using OEM Honda parts at 19K miles
Front wheel bearings cleaned and greased at 19K miles
All Balls head bearings #22-1037—installed 2011
EBC FH 265 brake pads at 19K miles
Cush rubbers replaced 2012
Flapper removed, soft rev limiter mod, PAIR removal w/ blockoff plates.
FIAMM “Freeway Blaster” horns, located under fairings on handmade brackets, triggered by solenoid that is triggered by horn button. No interference with front fender under full braking.
Raptor shift light, set to 10K rpm. Pic below.
A small red LED is mounted next to shift light. When ON, you know the fan has kicked in.
Mirror extender blocks—you can actually see behind you
Bubble windscreen, and OEM screen is included with spare parts.
Fuse panel, powered through a solenoid, is in tail fairing for added electrical loads. Currently supporting radar, shift light, horns, tag lite, and heated grips. All connections carefully grounded. Pic below.
Wired for Valentine One power (or any other detector that uses phone-type connector)
Performed the “Nicky” mod on the sprocket cover. Pic below.
R&G Traction Grip on the lower tank “wingtip” graphic for a little bit of thigh grip. It's hard to see, which is a good thing but you can make it out because it's not glossy like the rest of the graphics.
Kickstand has been lengthened by approx. 1.25 inches so the bike leans normally as you can see in the second pic. This was needed because of the increased rear height due to the Ohlins and Kyle link. The stand’s tube was cut at the midpoint, a steel rod was inserted the full length in that hollow tube, and welded back together. The welds were then dressed smooth and the tube repainted. A stock OEM stand is included with spare parts.

The OEM fender was chopped off by the previous owner, as for why I can’t fathom. I fabricated a conservative-looking tag plate and included an OEM Honda (red rear side) reflector for a finished look (Pics of the design and fab from 2007 available). The tag is lit by the upper bolts that contain a small white LED (Lite N’ Boltz). Pic below.

No pillion seat or pegs, as those were given away to a fellow member-in-need many years ago.
No stupid throttle lock contraption, either.
The rear cover does NOT jar loose and fly off on rough roads, which is a problem on some RCs. I worked the latch mechanism to prevent that disaster, and it's tethered to the bike, just in case.
Comes with three keys
The sale includes a good selection of spare parts such as assorted fasteners and clips; regulator/rectifier; axles; fairing bolts and clips, and assorted exhaust hardware; OEM rearset bits; OEM shock and link; a good rotor; and the OEM exhaust if you want it. This is the typical stuff we all collect during 14 years of ownership. Pic below.
I’d be happy to assist with shipping at my end. I’ve recently used HaulBikes.com for shipping my Duc around the country for touring. Or, come to my garage and really have a good look at the bike and then trailer it or ride it home.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank


My fabricated tag bracket. Not squidly.

Triples just barely scuffed up from PO's keys. I have the typical pic of the mileage available, but believe me, it's exactly 27557. Radar detector cord for Valentine is visible, as is shift light at top of panel.

Stainless zip ties secure the wrap. Why cook a perfectly good Ohlins?
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive exhaust Automotive exterior


Zero miles on chain and sprockets, 15/43 with 520 chain.

Auxiliary fuse panel currently has one spare "hole" where you see the 25 amp fuse. I am quite serious about my electrical work.

All sorts of parts, fasteners, OEM windscreen, OEM clipons, OEM rearset and shifter parts, bar weights, OEM pigtails to turn signals, a good and true rotor, OEM shock and link that nobody cares about, exhaust gaskets and clamps, rectifier, OEM exhaust that nobody cares about, and a can of original Honda Polish that EVERYONE cares about.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design Gas

Magazine articles, lots of pertinent receipts, Power Commander how-tos and map docs, the 2000 sales manual for
all the Honda products that year (kinda cool) and the Owners Manual. Not shown is the Factory Service Manual.

tracyvalsi just might be able to be emailed @ a provider called comcast.net

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Thank you. It's a beautiful machine and I love it, but at 65 years my focus is now on high-speed touring on my Duc (just did two weeks in Utah and AZ) vs. corner strafing on the Dragon, so someone else should now enjoy this RC. If nobody wants it, it just might go on a rotating display platform in my living room. With spotlights!

A few more pics:

Tank hinge leak repair. The microscopic pinhole was at the upper left where the hinge is spotwelded to the tank. The repair weld follows the entire hinge edge so it's sealed to the tank forever.

Slider installation.

Fork detail showing Hard----Soft decal, so you know how to make those occasional little tweaks.

Nicky mod.

Hugger area.

From left to right: OEM shock, Penske (removed and was sold to one of you), Ohlins and Kyle Link going in.

New tires.


Obligatory mileage pic.

Obligatory Dragon pic. :giggle:
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