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Anyone interested in a 2000 RC51 project?
I bought it a 10 years ago - it was a guys track day bike.
It's got 3400 miles on it.
I paid $2800 for it and then proceeded to buy a bunch of stuff for it.
I've got
Aftermarket wheels
New tires
2nd engine
3mm oversized pistons
Turn 1 air box
Power commander
Body work
Good used tank
It ran when parked
This is the bike I have in my profile.
I never finished it.
It comes with everything on my build sheet except the exhaust.
I'd prefer not to part out but I'd be interested in a reasonable offer for everything I have.
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This sounds super similar the 2003 I just picked up, but in my case the PO tried to do too much and got in over his head. He gave up and the bike sat for 12 years taken apart in his garage, then he sold it for peanuts. You will definitely get more $$$ with a part out.
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