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A friend who hangs out with car collectors tells me the original RC51 SP1 is starting to be a collector item. The car crowd likes to add a bike or two to the garage. Compared to the cars, the bikes are like a little piece of candy they can add for next to nothing (tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands) but he says I'd need to collect a full set of original pieces to go with the bike if it is to appreciate in value over time.

He has a 1st year RC51 and a 1st year Ducati 916 and has been recently re-acquiring all the stock OEM stuff needed for complete examples of each.

My SP1 with 000385 (I think, I'll check the number when I'm at home) ending the serial number currently looks like my avatar picture. It is all carbon/kevlar bodywork including the tank (which is signed by Nicky Hayden and Miguel Duhamel) and has an Akrapovic full race system with Ti cans, Ohlins shock, etc.

I'm thinking about leaving all the add-on tasty bits and just keeping it as a trophy on a shelf in the basement workshop. I have the stock exhaust system and a few other OEM bits but I'd have to accumulate the rest of the stock bodywork. Should I bother? I could oil mist the cylinders, drain the fluids and let it sit for 50 years before my kids sell it for their kid's college money.

So, should I bother collecting OEM stuff? I guess it would look nice to have all the OEM stuff hanging on the wall around the bike.

Kent Larson
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