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Hello I'm Peter and I'm restoring a 2000 RC51 SP1 and I'm almost done! It's been a long project but if I can find a serviceable Used Rear Fairing Cowl with the Stickers in tack I'll jump for joy! I also need the Stock Left and Right "HONDA" stickers that go all the way at the bottom of the MID Fairing (I believe they're silver) these are no longer available.

The Silver cover for the Cowl with the 2 black stickers on is also needed.

My goal is to make the bike as close to showroom condition as possible as it's a classic in my humble opinion.

Any help with this goal is greatly appreciated. Call me at the number below with any leads or if you have the Cowl, the Stickers or any of the parts I need.

Thank You!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts