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Hello All, It's been a Busy couple of days!!
I aquired Yesterday and have for sale Today a set of 2000 SP1 new old stock Honda bodywork and tank. In an effort to ward off the many questions headed my way let me just say this. All parts are new, unused factory Honda and in the Honda boxes and sell as one lot so no, I will not seperate. Parts were removed from boxes for photographs and re boxed.
Parts list: Tank, Nose Cowl, Left & Right panels, Seat cowl & insert and front fender. According to the seller there is one small "incredibly tiny chip" in the black paint on the Left fairing panel (last picture).
As most of you know these are no longer available even from Honda Japan. I was going to renew a 2000 SP1 for my collection but just Today bought a 2004 Hayden SP2 bike I had made an offer on after buying the SP1 bodywork & tank set yesterday. I am offering this at my cost of purchase.
Price: $5050.00 If interested please PM me a phone number and I will call you.
Now before the Flaming begins let me say, if your happy with repaired & repainted bodywork you can sure save some money! Some of us are willing to spend the time & effort to source new OEM bodywork and parts so the final product is as close to as delivered, showroom new condition as possible. I have been buying new OEM bodywork from Japan for my collection bikes (NC30, NC35, MC28, VJ23 & 3XV) which sometimes takes a year or more to find. I can say prices on many other parts are much higher than these RC51 parts.
Let the Flaming begin...but Please remember, these parts are no longer available.


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