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Hey All. Hope your having a good week!

So I am new to all this....... I have a Very happy street bike history. However when we moved to Canada from the UK 5yrs ago, my UK bike licence got wiped. So the lazy guy I am, ive been getting my bike thrills from a KTMXC450 which ive been riding mainly in Mac Creek Alberta. Awesome fun!!!

However my street bike lust has been rearing its head constantly so I just found myself a 2001 RC51 in pretty good shape. My dream bike back home!!

Its finally locked away in my garage pending me saving enough $$$ to get leathers etc ready for next season.

Couple of questions.......

As it will be 10yrs old do I need to get it inspected for reg & Ins etc?

Also where do you guys recommend for buying Oil/Air filters etc??

Im fairly close to Calgary Alberta Canada.

Big thanks!

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