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This is pretty much word for word off of my craigslist add for the bike i will also put some links to pics for the bike if your interested or just in my area and wana see it let me know.... Thanks!!!

You are looking at a 2002 Honda Rc51 1000R SP2, after the many upgrades made to this bike from the 01 model it was finaly made in to the bike honda ment for it to be, awesome on the street and on the track you will not be dissapointed with this bike, it currently has just over 7,000 miles which is very low for this year. Has aftermarket cuztom undertail LED kit which looks much better than the stock taillight setup, i also am selling a jacket and helmate along with this bike for an extra $200 you can have both, i paid about $500 for the two together so your geting a great deal, i am selling the bike because im in the process of moving and can no longer afford to keep it, so for just $6,800 you can have this awesome bike and gear. There is some room for negoation but becuase i am not very excited about having to sell this dont even try if you are going to offer me a stupidly low ammount, and NO TRADES, you can contact me anytime 24/7 i always have my phone on me, my cell # is 309-261-3866 or you can e-mail at [email protected] i have this listed other places as well so im hoping it wont be for sale very long so Hurry :)


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