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2002 RC... Fuel EVERYWHERE

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This is a hell of a first post but here we go.. atleast i'm not selling anything.. Yet...

Just picked up an '02 Rc with ONLY 2800 miles on her last week. And you'll probably wanna shoot me over the price...

Ok.. now the bad... Battery had been replaced with the wrong one and the positive cable was broken. Got the parts on order to get her started, but i was a little over eager. Hooked up a charger/starter box to crank her over. Cranked slow, but never fired. I started smelling fuel after a few cranks. Smelled real strong from the exhaust. Took the left side can off and when i set her down off the rear stand fuel pours out of the header/midpipe.. About 3 pints worth.

Thats when i noticed in shakin her around to make sure it all drained out that the oil level window didnt appear to be full of oil, but rather fuel.

In looking into the bike a little more I disvocered that the fuel pump was recently replaced and that if not done just right, it could cause fuel to dump into the cylinders. SO i figured thats probably how it got in the crank case and when i tried turning her over that forced some into the exhaust.

going to drain the fluid mixture out of the pan and change the filter/oil. is there anything specific i need to do to fix the fuel pump? is it possible its just not seated right or a gasket is missing. Thought i'd check on here before tearing her down any more.

Push comes to shove... anyone know any shops in the DFW area that are good with the RC?

Thanks in Advance...
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I'm not sure about pump replacement, but I can look in my factory manual and get the info to you. But, for some reason this doesn't sound good.

Have you pulled the plugs yet? What do they look like? I think a flushing oil change would be a good idea since you have fuel in the crankcase.
When you kept trying to start the bike, how did you do it? I mean, did you just turn the ignition on once and try to start it several times? Or did you turn the ignition on and off several times?
3 pints? If it was a 2stroke with sticky float valves I'd be able to help you.
Are you sure it was all gas? Could it be water from condensation or rain, blocking the exhaust and therefore unable to start but with a strong gas smell?
Then gas in the crankcase sounds weird as well. Especially for a 2800 mile bike. Gas in the cylinder will find its way down through the rings when sitting too long but not that much.
Very strange!
I would drain all the oil, and some oil after drained and let it drain. Check the gasket on fuel pump may not be set right or may want to check the tank orifice and make sure it doesnt have any dings or small dents that would cause it to never seal right. Reinstall everything and Charge battery off the bike. You should have a nice crank after all installed right (dont forget to change oil filter and refill with fresh oil). She should start right up let her idle till warm and then ride the hell out of her. That is what she does.
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