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I am selling my 2002 RC51. First off, NO TEST RIDES!! Only selling cause I need a family vehicle now so on with the goodies.
The bike has 7,200 ish miles on it (as seen in pics). Its been down 2 times. 1 time by me at a stand still very small rash, and the second time by the prior owner where it bent the back brake lever ( not enough for me to want to get it fixed though)
Last bit of the bad then on to the good. One of the front "screws" is stripped off, its a fake and a enitre kit can be bought off ebay really cheap. Left side handle bar end is bent, from the stationairy drop. The prior owner drop some how put a small crack below the seat on the left side. Lastly, the key hole to unlock the "trunk" does not have the key mechanism installed, when I installed the new undertail kit I could not figure out how to install it back on since the new hole was slightly bigger. May need a large washer?
Now for all the good,
Like I said, 7,200 ish miles (really low for this year)
Tires have about 300-400 miles on them
Flapper valve MOD done
Pair system removed with plates installed
Power commander installed with Klye map
SATO racing pipes
flush mount turn signals
Black Widow stands, front and back
Eye brow light mod installed, just need new bulbs
comes with painted trunk (pictured) as well as seat (not pictured and never used)
Just came out of service last year before it was put up (new fluids, and plugs installed)
Custom blue lights installed in speedo (from bluegauges.com)
Any additional pictures can be taken upon request. Willing to take offers. Phone number upon request. Thank you!!

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