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Hello all,

Up for sale is my 2002 Honda RC 51. Through an unexpected heavier work year, new born, and my general attention span what I thought would be the first part of my "2000's superbikes collection" has simply found itself neglected. Picked up in February with 24,000 miles (24,413 as it stands) I had fresh tires and an Ohlins rear shock mounted. I'd much rather cut my losses and have it find a home with someone who'll ride it and enjoy it more than I have, or plan on doing.

Aftermarket Limited Laguna Seca Bodywork
custom Yoshimura exhaust
Gaffer Rotors
Brembo clutch MC
New Q3 tires (less than 50 miles on)
Brand new Ohlins Rear Shock HO 204
Sato adjustable Rearsets
Spare tail, OEM fenders, extra windscreen
Brake & clutch lever blockers

Bike is located in Glen Head, NY (Long Island, 20 miles east of NYC / Brooklyn). I am listing here and on FB marketplace for $6,599 however I am keeping options open to either offers or trades.

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