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Asking $7000

Features listed below:
  • Just over 6000 original miles
  • Brand new RK X-ring chain and JT sprockets (gearing lowered to 15/41)
  • Brand new Woodcraft adjustable/riser clip-ons (original clip-ons included as well)
  • Brand new passenger seat included
The bike runs and operates like new. The brakes, clutch, and transmission all operate like a new motorcycle (due to the extremely low mileage). The bike is stunning in person.

I am the 4th owner, clean and clear title in hand. Apparently the second owner was new to motorcycling and tried learning to ride in a grass field. I normally wouldn’t believe a story like this but when I purchased the bike it had been laid down once on each side and the damage was very light and only cosmetic, which makes me believe the story could be accurate. In any case, the title is clean but the bike had some cosmetic damage when I bouggot it. The gas tank was dented and the left side of the upper cowl had a crack and the right side fairing had some scratches on the decals. Also, there are some scratches on the left side of the rear cowl, most of which is in the black decal. I ordered a complete set of decals and replaced those on the right side fairing but I haven’t done the rear cowl yet because it just isn’t that noticeable. However, I will throw in the decals with the purchase (the manufacturer accidentally sent me two sets, so I have nearly 2 full sets that I will include). I repaired the upper cowl and also repaired the fuel tank and painted with primer, factory match paint, and clear coat. (I will include what is left of the paint as well).

So, remaining items that I should point out are:
  • The fuel tank is near perfect now, but the paint texture is slightly different and the finish is a little different. The primary dents/damage were on the silver portion of the tank, but there is a very small remaining scratch on the left side in the red. I am pointing it out to be honest and provide full disclosure but it looks very good. See pictures.
  • As mentioned, there are some scuffs on the left side of the rear cowl, mostly in the black decal. See pictures.
  • The upper cowl has a small broken section on the right side, where it overlaps the right side fairing. There is a hairline crack on the left side of the upper cowl, right in front of the RC51 decal. See pictures. (As a note, I found a manufacturer that produces the complete new upper cowl, and paints it silver, so it is ready for the decals application and installation on the bike, for $150 + $40 shipping.)
Other than those minor items, which I say are minor considering the bike is 18 years old, the bike is very very good. It is a stunning example of a wonderful and rare sport bike. If you are looking for an RC51, finding an SP2 with this low of mileage is nearly impossible.

I honestly hate to sell, and I don’t have to sell, but the bike is sitting more than it should due to my time restrictions. I would love to know that someone will be riding and enjoying the bike.

Feel free to message any questions and/or potential interest. I will take any other pictures you’d like and can answer questions as well.

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LOL! Learned to ride in a grass field? That's an original there. I guess he couldn't find an ice skating rink anywhere close by! Good luck on the sale!
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