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Figured I may as well post it here too...

For reference, the history of the bike is here:

If you missed it in that thread, please realize that most of these parts are coming off a bike that's been crashed a few times and was used as an amateur race trainer, some of the parts have damage, and I tried to note it and detail it in the pics. Some of the parts haven't been crashed, so check the pics and ask questions. The bike has not been crashed since I've owned it. If you're looking to replace some parts on your show bike, I probably can't help you, unless you want hidden stuff. Like I said, ask questions, I'll be more than happy to answer. I'm not trying to jerk anyone around or hide anything. You can check my feedback on ebay under my same username.

The bike is completely apart, ready to be boxed and shipped, picked up, etc. All prices include shipping to the lower 48, UNLESS noted next to item. Smaller items will go USPS, larger (my idea of larger is fuel tank, exhaust, swingarm, wheels, etc.) will go FedEx or UPS. AK, HI, or international shipping is welcome, so long as you pay actual shipping charges and tell me your preferred method of shipping. I'll do it however you want. I take cash and USPS money orders, paypal yes but add 3%.

Anything not specifically listed I probably have, unless you're looking for blinkers, lights and stock undertrays, stock bodywork, etc. I have none of that stuff. The clean-titled (and currently registered non-op) California frame is available. The stock engine is available. Plumbing, nuts, bolts, wiring harnesses, etc. all available. Just send me a PM and I'll get back to you as quick as I can. I can take pics of anything. I have this stuff listed in multiple locations so first come first served.

So without further ado:

PICS OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE IN THIS ALBUM: http://picasaweb.google.com/crustyTD/RC51PartOut?feat=directlink

Subframe: $200
Rear rotor: $40
Cush drive (AFAM 520 sprocket sold already)- $30

Forks (rebuilt/revalved 10/07 by Lindemann Engineering http://www.le-suspension.com/ 1.0kg springs, 175-180lb rider- two B+ track days since, uncrashed since rebuild): $600 SOLD
Shock- Penske 8987 triple (don't know exact spring rate but same setup, rebuild/revalve date as forks, see above): $650SOLD
Seat: $40 SOLD
Airbox w/ filters: $50 SOLD
Throttle cables: $40 SOLD
Fuel tank WITH pump, no cap (minor dent, minor scratches, you'll need a new gasket as I removed the pump to make draining the tank easier): $250 SOLD
GPR steering damper and modified stock fairing stay (you'll need the steering nut mount from GPR since it was on the custom triple) : $250 SOLD
EBC pro-lite rotors (bedded w/ PF95 pads, surface rust, no biggie): $150 SOLD
Front wheel SP2 (was a spare, stripped, repainted & rattlecanned black a few years ago, seen its share of tire changes): $200 SOLD
Front Rotors: $100 SOLD
Leo Vince s/o exhaust (debadged, lowside damage on the right side): $250 SOLD
Woodcraft rearsets w/ pegs (one of the pegs has some goo/scrape from I think where I had it leaned against a wall during a red flag): $175 SOLD
Snorkel: $75 SOLD
'04 Swingarm (some lowside damage, chain damage (near front sprocket underneath)): $200 SOLD
Moriwaki link: $200 SOLD
Woodcraft clip-ons (50mm): $100 SOLD
VFR shifter: $25 SOLD
Brake pedal: $25 SOLD
KYA racing triple clamp w/ nut (has some marks, was also tapped (heli-coiled) for larger bolts: $200 SOLD
Vortex blue fuel cap (a little bit scratched): $25 SOLD
Radiators, left and right (right has fan): $300 SOLD
Front master cylinder (hillbilly reservoir mount, bent lever): $50 SOLD
Power Commander IIIr (not usb, has Kyle Sato map downloaded): $100 SOLD
Clutch master w/ CRG shorty lever (lever nub scraped, reservoir scraped): $50 SOLD
Speedometer (cracked, damaged, fully functional, mounting tabs intact, 8908 miles): $50 SOLD
Woodcraft delrin spools: $20 SOLD

PICS OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE IN THIS ALBUM: http://picasaweb.google.com/crustyTD/RC51Partout2?feat=directlink

Rear drive/sprocket/cush (looks to still have factory 43T 530 sprocket: $50
Shift linkage: $35
Woodcraft rearset spares, 2 rights and a left (one right is perfect, one is slightly bent at the mounts, left was lowsided, peg ground, and the hanger was cut off): $100
Radiator, right (damaged and replaced with spare, rumor has it it didn't leak, just bent, has not been tested): $40

Race bodywork #1 silver- Sebimoto (tail, upper, lower, front fender (white), windscreen, drilled for lights, crashed and repaired- you pay actual shipping no matter where): $250 SOLD
Race bodywork #2 black (unknown manf., upper, lower and tail only, crashed and repaired- you pay actual shipping no matter where): $200 SOLD
Yamaha factory R1 Brembo front master cylinder (hillbilly reservoir mount, broken lever): $50 SOLD
Radiator, left (with fan): $150 SOLD
Swingarm (has scrapes and nicks, one of the spool mounts is sheared): $125 SOLD
Rotor set #2: $100 SOLD
Factory upper triple with nut (a few nicks): $50SOLD
Emgo mirrors: $30 SOLD
Factory rearsets (shift rod is ever-so bent and I just threw the brake pedal on there after a spare swap): $75 SOLD
Snorkel #2 (functional, mounting tabs intact): $50 SOLD

entire wiring harness
swingarm pivot assembly
stock triples
extra rear axle

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Hi Scooter, is the rear wire-harness still available, how much to ship to Singapore...?
and also the converter CDI, is it available...?

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Faring brackets

Do you still have the stock faring brackets for the side faring and tail? If so PM me and let me know how much you want for them thanks.
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