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2003 Wheel Options?

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Does anybody know if gold wheels were an option in 2003? I just bought an '03 with gold wheels, red paint scheme, added watsens signals, untertail, full jardine exhaust, gold accents all around and more. It came with the gold wheels and they look factory but Ive seen so few RC's with the gold wheels I dont know if they are factory can anyone help me out with this?
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I've never seen OEM gold wheels on any RC51.
If they're the original wheels, they may have had them stripped and power-coated gold.
How many spokes do they have?
carrozzeria makes gold wheels
Yeah ive seen aftermarket ones around but mine are the factory wheel. The only reason im wondering is because the bike was completely stock when I got it and I am the second owner, and the shop I bought it from knows the pervious owner well. I just cant see someone forking out the cash on powder coating the wheels before any other modifications. I added gold levers, stand spools, pegs and some other stuff to match when i got it.
Well they're 5 spoke as the SP2's were.
But all RC51's came with black wheels.
Someone obviously removed and powder coated the wheels gold.
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