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2004 R1

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Blue 2004 R1 with Graves undertail exhaust,Dyno jet programmer,Blacked out wind screen, both single and double rear seat,black frame sliders,blue tire hugger fender,blue pinstripes on edges of rims,new rear tire,new ebc brakes front and rear, adult ridin for 6,500 miles. $6,500 o.b.o. I just found a low milage 2002 RC 51 ,so the R1 needs to go.
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Sold the R1 and bought the 2002 RC 51 today.
How do you like it compared to your R1?
They are quite different bikes.
Well, to tell you the truth I haven't had a chance to ride it yet,as I live in Ohio and it is like 12 degrees out. I always wanted a twin and thought thr RC 51 was the bike, it is a 2002 but it was still in the crate from Honda until last year,so it is pretty much a new bike.
A new '02 RC51 still in the crate? That's astounding bordering on the unbelievable.
What, they stashed the crate deep in the bowels of some huge warehouse and forgot about it?
I know in most states, dealers have to start paying taxes on vehicles not sold past a certain time frame. And no dealer is going to do that, if at all possible.

So you have a brand new 6 year old bike you will now be breaking in.
I hope you took pictures and enjoy it for many years.
It actually has 1,800 miles on it ,it was bought at a Honda dealer that went out of buisness and then was reopened by another owner,this bike was never uncrated . A friend of mine bought the bike and then lost his job,so I got it from him for $5,600,I thought it was a good deal. I will post some pics up when I get done with everything that I want to do with it.
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