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Good Afternoon Guys, I have a unique problem that I am unable to solve even with the help of DynoJet techs. I'll try to sum it up quickly.

I bought my 04' 3 years ago and the previous owner said he had a PC3 that went bad and he highly suggests I put one back on. So I purchased a PC5 and installed it.
I got 1 ride to test it and it made a big difference. I went home for riding gear and upon restarting the bike I didn't even get 4 houses down. The bike wouldn't go passed 3500 rpm.
It was acting like it hit a wall and wouldn't go passed it even with the throttle wide open. I ended up spending hours with DynoJet techs over the next couple days. We trouble shot
over the phone. Adjusted the throttle, idle and mapping values. It kept doing the same thing. When I plugged back in the factory plugs.... it runs fine. Reconnect the PC5 plugs and
the same issues. I mailed the PC5 to them, they tested it and it worked fine. They refunded me the money for it.

Fast forward a couple years till last week, I picked up a working PC3. I figure I'll give it a shot again with what was on the bike originally. Same damn issue. I even tested the PC3
an hour ago on another buddies RC51. I works fine on his. My bike is not altered in any way other than the basic mods. It has yosh slip ons, flapper valve mod, and soft rev limiter.

Power commanders are pretty plug and play. There is only a ground wire and the fuel connectors. Does anyone have an idea what could cause the PC3 & 5 to not work but the bike
operate fine with the factory plugs connected?
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