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Considering that Tokyo's yearly motorcycle show is the home field for four of the biggest OEMs, it's no surprise that its the scene for some wild new concepts – it's all a part of the competitive one-upsmanship typical of the Japanese corporate culture.

For this year's show, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha all had new concepts to wow the crowd, with machines ranging from futuristic engineering exercises (built as an excuse for each manufacturer to show their superior technological capabilities) to prototypes that look ready to roll off the production line and onto the street any day now. And make sure you also take a look at the accompanying photo gallery for more pics of these cool bikes.

The biggest (literally) attention-grabber in the Honda booth was the massive, streetfighter-styled EVO6, what Honda terms as "Pride Fighter." The gigantic 1832cc, OHC flat-6 is clearly a derivative of Honda's Gold Wing powerplant, with the obvious modifications to make the newly-exposed bits more attractive. Exhaust gasses are expelled via an aggressive-looking 6-into-3 exhaust that terminates in a trio of the slash-cut mini-megaphones that are all the rage these days, ever since stylists stole the idea from the function over form world of the MotoGP paddock. For visual balance, the exhaust pipes exiting the bottom of each cylinder head are matched by a set of intake tubes emerging from the top side and disappearing under the tank, which obviously conceals a fairly spacious airbox.

More: 2007 Tokyo Motor Show on Motorcycle.com
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