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Hey all.

I'm about to put the RC (Olan is what I call her) up for the winter, as Hurricane Sandy has pretty much signaled the end of riding around these parts.

My cousin has a heated garage and he's already storing a friend's R1 and Hayabusa so my girl will fit right in.


I've done about 2500 miles since picking her up in early August and I wanted to give the folks here my impressions


Now that I'm accustomed to the way an RC feels - heavy but stable, I really think I will spend some time doing trackdays and lightening the bike where possible.

I'm thinking a lighter battery and lighter wheels (BST, Marchesini, OZ, Carrozerias) when I can afford to.

The rear Ohlins has made a big difference in the way the bike handles. I'm still reasearching the best set-up since 99% of my riding is on the street. I want to understand how the shock set-up affects the bike before I hit the track next spring.

The front shocks are stock. I'm also looking to upgrade them over the winter with some Racetech internals as the Ohlins stuff seem to be discontinued for our bikes.


Even though it's impossible to safely use all the power the bike has on the street, I'd still like to see what's available for the RC. My time hanging with the S1K and ZX-10 guys has been....illuminating . Needless to say, I don't want to drop a lot of coin just to turn a 120-130bhp bike into a 135hp bike but I'm interested in what's possible.

What's the verdict on Turn One Airboxes and Snorkels? Worthwhile or the last thing you do after your suspension, slipper and rider training?

Opinions are weclome


I saw Yoydyne had a Brembo caliper upgrade for about $1200. Anyone here had this done? I did a search and didn't find any other threads on the forum. In the meantime, what's a good upgrade for braking after you've added SS lines? I rode a Panigale recently and it made the brakes on my RC feel as affective as dragging my feet on the road.

Thanks in advance for your feedback
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