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Aftermarket seats??

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Looking at replacing the stock plywood seat with either a corbin or sargent. Any advice or preferences???
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I just got my seat custom made and its a TON better than the stocker. I got it done from " greatdaytoride.com" and it was also HALF the price of a corbin or sargent!
I also had him put on my Lui-moto seat cover, He does quality work, And I had it back in a week!
I have the Sargent seat on my and it feels great.
I have never rode the bike with the stock seat on it, but I tell the stocker would not be fun.
i had a corbin on my gixxer and it didn't help much. the seat was too narrow and corbin didn't have much to work with because the bike is so narrow.

corbin on my ex's sv650 was nice.

corbin on my superhawk is ok. an improvement but not worth the money.

the rebuild route is the next step for me. i'm gonna try to find a stock rc51 seat and i'll diy.
Anything has got to be better thank the stock seat. I have a corbin and its a great, but i have tried any other aftermarket seats. I would recomend the corbin or sargent based on my research.
I just bought a new oem one off of ebay for $30 and its much better than the one I had before.
the rc51's seat is miles ahead of the stock, and even the corbin, seat that was on my 2005 gixxer1k.
I just ordered Sargent last week and should be here next week. Can't wait cause I'm tired of not getting comfy.
At "greatdaytoride.com" you can get a damn good seat for a damn good price!
Thanks everyone! Looking at either the sargent or the one hydroboy mentioned
I have the stocker and a Sargent that came with the bike. I really didnt feel the need to replace the stocker, as it only started to get tiresome after 200+ miles or so, and even then it was minimal.

Then again, I'm a diehard supermoto guy, so my rear is overly tolerant of bad seats, haha.

I did put the sargent on this weekend just for kicks, and it's really pretty darn nice. It does sit you up a little bit more though. It wouldnt be much of an issue if you arent really tall. I'm 6'1 though, and it kinda pushed me up a little bit more. Maybe some more seat time will help it settle in a bit more.
The aftermarket seats like sargent etc looks like they are better to sit on when you are driving stright. But to me it seems that the seat might be a problem if you want to push the bike through corners....? Does anybody have any experience with this?
I have a sargent seat on mine. I love it. I have no problems with riding long distances on it or when cornering.... It is a great seat!!
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