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Ok folks, my mistake is your gain. I ordered a new set of Alpinestar Supertech R vented boots in a size 45. When they came in they were a little too big for me. But I thought that they would be fine so I ripped off the tags and pitched the boxes. Fast forward a week and I wore them around the house for about and hour and they just big enough that it will bug me. So I ordered another set in a size 44. Well the 44s came in today and they will work a bit better for me. So now I have this set of 45s that I wont use. They were $500 plus tax which was about $530 shipped to me. I will let these go for $460. Plus shipping.

They are in brand new condition I only wore them walking around the house for an hour. I will send them in the box that just arrived. Euro size 45 = a 10.5 US I normally wear a size 10. So if you are a legit 10.5 these will definitely fit just right.
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