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Anew guy !!

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yoshimura exhauts carbon !

Hi i am french and living in france i have a rvt and would to know how can i find a yoshimura exhauts carbon please let me see !
Many thanks for your help .
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Hi am Patrick am french many thank to receive on this forum with my rvt :).
Many thanks but i find only new in EBAY !
i would like using part exhauts of yoshimura ....
Please many thanks to help me .
fixed your post title. unless you wanted it to say that you were gay, then i can switch it back.

Welcome, from overseas!!!
Hi am not gay a have a bad english but try to find me the yoshimura carbon using for the RVT 2001 .
Best regards .
yes i do ! but nobody help me lol
What are you looking for exactly? The Yoshimura Carbon fiber slip on exhaust? Just the mufflers? Full system? Are you looking for used stuff?
I am looking for the midpipes yosh rvt sp1 2001 only .
Many thanks to help me !
Yes of course but they said they did not product the midpipes and i have the mufflers rvt yoshimura 2005 and i need only the midpipes 2001 for the mufflers carbon .
i written yoshimura and they said it was finish .
now what i can do ?
Please help me to find the muffer and midpipes yosh !!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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