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another newbee

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Hi all.

New to the forum. Dont have a rc51/sp1-sp2 right now but plan to get one this season.

I ride a bmw r1150gs adventure and love this bike. Its great for touring, riding to and from work and just works well in most situations. But I have a lot of friends who ride sport bikes and I have desided to get one as a second bike (dont want to give up the beemer :D)

Have always loved the looks of the rc51 and I think highly of honda so the choice is between the rc or the 929 fireblade. both bikes are beautifull but I lean towards the rc because I like twins.

Have never riden the rc so I dont know if it will "fit" me. Im 6 foot (183 cm) and 211 pounds (96kg) so I dont know if Im too big/heavy for the bike.

So I will for now use this forum to learn more about the rc51 machine and Im looking forward to look at all the threads in this forum.

Soren :)
(danish guy living in sweden)
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hello from the German SP1-Driver
I'm 5'11" and 235 lbs (180cm and 106kg) and I have no problem with my SP2.
The 929 is also a very nice bike, but I love the twins due to the torque at low revs.
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