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anyone want to trade? **SOLD**

I have an older Teknic one piece fully perforated (front), size US 40 all zipper are intact and has never seen the pavement.
Like I said older, no speed hump but very well constructed large YKK metal main zipper with some white lettering. It's subtle not flashy at all and would be a great first time suit or a spare.

I'm a short ass 5'7" and when I weighed 160lbs it was a perfect fit...

Idk trade for something interesting? Or $100 obo + shipping? Suit is great shape. Hell I'll throw in the hard armour and the flimsy foam back pad but I would use a separate back protector if it was me.

Better than squid guys and would make a good spare...

Btw for all the peanut gallery that's my very tiny/hot 5'1" gf that's holding up the suit. Smartasses;)

Suit is sold...
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