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arrow cans help me !!!

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hi guys hopin you can help me
bought a pair of brand new in box arrow high mount race tech cans,for my sp1 2000(now the mid pipe and can are all one not seperate)so took them out of the box and couldnt wait to put them on ,so out i goes striped the old cans and fairings off put the right side arrow on and the can was sticking out away from the hanger brackets a good 7 inches so tried the other left side and that was out about 9 inches it seems to me that the end of the new mid pipes are not at the correct angle were the y slip on to the original headers..

any ideas dont want to send them back to italy is where i got them
tanx derek:confused:
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I could be wrong but it sounds to me like your midpipes might be for an sp2.

Probably gonna have to ship them back unless you want to buy new mids and just take a loss.
could you bend the elbows? muffler shop?

good luck. i had an arrow on my old gixxer and i liked it. they are a bit rare.
Could you post a pic, I have arrow cans and could look and see what the setup looks like, and this might sound stupid but you didn't put them on the wrong side(if their is a wrong side)?
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