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spend $120 for a new battery yesterday, road 50 miles, 8 hours later start it go to ride at night, stoped turn it on and bike wont start acted like super dead battery.

i got it home after pushing it 1/2 mile up hill checked battery its charged was 11.26...to me that should be nuff to start yet.

now i go have a LED undertail with signals incorperated and my buddy said maybe thats doing it so i unhooked all that stuff, recharged thebattery up and was gonna see if that was causing it.

only other thing i did was ride at night with my HI beams on.

i dont like messing with electrical stuff nut my wireharness is not cut up at all so im not sure what to look for?

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Well 11 volts is essentially dead.
A fully charged battery should be 12.0 to 12.5 volts.
Since it's a new battery, I'd check your charging system output.
If you have (or a friend has) digital voltmeter, crank the engine and connect the voltmeter across the battery posts, then rev the engine to around 4000 to 5000 RPM.
The output should be 13.5 to 14.5 volts. It should not be over 15 volts.
If you're not getting that output to your battery, then your rectifier/regulator may be having problems.
Make sure your battery posts are clean and tight.
Also check the frame ground connector (on the right side near the lower sub-frame bolt) also has a good clean connection and is snug.

Do you have any devices that may be draining the battery (alarm systems, accent lights, HID light, etc).

Riding with both light on at a decent speed shouldn't have much effect.
Idling in traffic with both lights on could maybe drain the battery.
Those light do draw some current.
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