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Hi, from Croatia. I am a big RC 51 fan, but unfortunatelly not an owner. Sorry for mistakes in writing. I hope that most of you will understand me.
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Hello and welcome. Are there any 51's in Croatia?
You can find some SP1s and very few SP2s. In Croatia this bike is called VTR 1000 R SP2. Maybe the main reason why they are rare was a price. In year 2002 CBR 900 RR cost about 13000 EUR and RC51 cost about 17000 EUR.
The RC51 was Honda's most expensive sport bike at the time.
That's one reason why their sales were not great.
I've been wanting one for years and had to wait until the used RC51 prices dropped to where I could buy one.
It's not the fastest, quickest, or lightest (compared to today's bikes).
But definitely has character. Everybody who rides mine loves it.
Mainly due to the sound of the engine and the torque off corners.
It's not how fast you go, it's how much fun you have.
And I ride my RC51 far more than my Hayabusa.
I'd be willing to bet that while the 'busa will take it in a straight-line run, you can't slam it into the corners like the RC51...
I'd be willing to bet that while the 'busa will take it in a straight-line run, you can't slam it into the corners like the RC51...
You are totally correct.

The 'Busa was designed to be a cruise missile, so it prefers sweeping curves and open roads.
Don't me wrong, it's grandson was a GSXR-750, and it does handle pretty good when setup. It's not gravel truck by any comparison.

But trying to muscle a 530 Lb. bike with a 58" wheelbase around really tight corners is a bit of a workout.
You definitely have to use body-english to transition that much mass from side to side.

It has a long reach to the bars and I find it uncomfortable on long hauls. But for a 1300cc engine, it gets around 41 MPG at 80 MPH.
About 153 miles per tank at 90 MPH.

However...I prefer to ride my RC51. The seating position and bar placement coupled with the mid-range and shorter wheelbase make for far more fun.
Everybody I've let ride it, loves it.

I'm almost finished with work on the Honda and will be riding it again after several months of downtime.
Here in FL you can ride all year, and I can't wait to fire my baby up and take her for a spin.
Then the 'Busa goes back into hibernation.
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Hey branimir. I understand you perfectly. Welcome to the board. I have always loved the RC's also, all of them.
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