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I have a problem, i will try to explain (sorry for the bad english).

when i pass true bumps on the road the bike hangs.

if i go slow in first gears with the clutch pressed and pass to bumps, the bike goes off, but i think if the bike is in neutral, and the motor is running, and pass to the bumps the bike dont go off.

do you think that the back angle sensor cant do this?

or the clutch switch? side stand switch?



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yesterday after bypass the side stand switch, the bike was ok :). (maybe a coincidence).
i had check the battery cables, but i will check them again.
i will ride the bike more days with the bypass on to see if the problem is solved.

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Bank angle sensors, clutch sensors, and sidestand sensors
are a pain in the ass and nothing more than beauracratic
legislation to idiot-proof everything we use in our daily lives.
And when they malfunction, they are a migraine headache.

I have been riding for 40 years and none of the bikes I started
out riding had electric start, bank angle sensors, clutch sensors,
or sidestand switches. If you were dumb enough to ride off without
raising your sidestand, you deserved to crash. I remember one
Harley rider taking off with his sidestand down. Yes, it all ended
badly in a shower of sparks at the first left turn, but aside from
some minor road rash and bruised ego, he never again forgot to
raise his sidestand. Lesson learned.

All of this has absolutely nothing to do with solving whiteg40's
original post but I had to say it. Sorry for the hijack, hermanito.

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Mine's actually zip-tied to the clutch hydraulic line behind the fairing.
I just made sure the switch was also zip-tied so it wouldn't vibrate and rotate around, thus killing engine.
It was like that when I bought it (the previous owner did track days), so I left it like that.
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