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Hi guys.
All these parts and some found. The project begins

I'm hoping one or two of you might be able to help out with a project.
For this I'll need a couple of parts but as these will be changed as part of the build, condition is not a top priority.

A riders seat.
After doing a full weekend on the bike. I've come to the realisation that the seat is rather hard on the butt. I'd like to have a go at making something more suitable for doing big miles. There for, I'm only really interested in the seat base. This is the only part that needs to be in one piece the seat cover and whatever Honda used for padding (feels like wood at the end of day two) can be tatty, torn or as split as you like/have.

SP1 Header pipe.
I'm doing a cut and shut on an SP2 header so I can fit SP2 mids and mufflers on my SP1 but as you all know the exhaust ports are different between models.
I only need the first bend from the exhaust port + 6 to 12 inches, so I figure it would be good if someone has a damaged set they don't want. Instead of throwing it out it can still add some life to an old bike.

If you have either of these let me know what your thinking is for cost and we'll take it from there.

Postage will be internal to the US so you don't need to worry about any complications for the shipping and of course all at my expense.

Cheers guys. Looking forward to making a great bike outstanding. :grin2:
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