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I know what that's like. The same storm that hit you over there on the east coast had dumped a foot of snow here in west Mi.

Work was closed this past Friday due to snow Armageddon. I was still up 6am and tackling the drive way. Took me about 2 hrs the hard way.
I have a single guy/kid next door and he slacks at mowing in the summer, ya just never see him outside doing normal stuff that homeowners do.
While I was shoveling my arse off I hears his car start... 10mins later out he comes and brushes the windshield off only and nails reverse and moves maybe 15ft and just enough to ride up on the snow enough for to get stuck as F.
He comes walking over and asked if I had an extra shovel?
Live in west Mi and own a home and ya don't even have a shovel?
I went into the barn and looked at my shovel assortment and decided on the long handle metal spade. I did think of the short handle spade trench shovel but I thought thats a little mean....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts