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I feel kind of nuts selling this because I just got it this year and have built it the way I wanted an RC....but Ive found an old truck I want to get.
I think Im getting too old for this style of bike also. Ive had some wrecks..(not on this bike) and my throttle wrist is jacked up and im 6ft2.

Not sure where to start on this.
Its an 01 with title in my name.
Very clean
Maybe 400 miles on oil/filter
Good paint for an 01. Its got some dings and scratches but nothing major
02 swing arm and rear brake
GP shift lever
Forks are fresh. Ill have to look at documentation for specs. Its got springs and gold valves.
About 7k on a built engine:
Polished lightened crank, Carillo rods, JE pistons, ported 02 heads, Stg2 mori cams with spring kit and ti retainers, 02 throttle bodies. Runs strong with no issues whatsoever and no leaks. Dynoed 142hp
Has power commander usb
Moriwaki sealed carbon air box. Has factory thermostat installed. I 3D printed some rings to seal the intake boots to the airbox. See pic
K&N air filter. See pic
Full Mori exhaust with Ti mufflers. All new gaskets. Missing one spring though..
CBR coil on plug mod
DHC carbon snorkel
DHC fiberglass radiator scoops
Dual SPAL fans
Lower fan temp switch. I live in Missouri and could sit in traffic 95deg and the bike would never get above 200 deg.
02 oil cooler
New 520 chain and sprockets. -1/+2. Maybe 1000 miles on them.
Good tire tread
OZ forged rims
Brembo mono block front calipers with mount
Braided lines for front, rear and clutch
Brembo radial front brake and clutch master cylinders
Quick turn throttle cam. Was hoping this would help my wrist..
Pazzo levers with replacement delrin tips
Sato hinge type adjustable angle clip ons
Scotts steering damper
GPS speedo. Factory speedo does not work for some reason. Has speedo healer too but never figured out what was wrong.
Shift light
Puig tinted widnscreen
Sargent seat
Sato rear sets
Fresh rebuilt Penske shock
Mori shock linkage
Aftermarket rear rotor
Mori muffler hangers
Lots of ti bolts. Am in process on some ti swingarm pivots and hardware. I own a machine shop..
Marchesini gas cap
R6 rear hugger
Im sure im missing something.
Oh.. I just bought an underslung rear brake bracket and have a Brembo caliper for it
LED turn signals
HID in the left headlight
Lightweight battery
Carbon front fender

Spares: upper cowl, stock seat, stock exhaust, stock rearsets, another tail section, gutted snorkel, spare Mori clipons, factory 01 swing arm, Front and rear stands, Brand new map sensor and air temp sensor. Valve cover gaskets. Carbon battery relocating thing. new wheel bearings
Located in St. Peters Missouri.
Asking $7500


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damn, this thing is Gucci!
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2021 bump.
This has a Jardine 2-1 full exhaust with carbon can and SP1 throttle bodies now. I machined a taper on the i.d of throttle body outlets and made some adapter rings to fit the sp2 intake boots.
New Michelin's.
New plugs, oil and filter.
Cleaned the K&N air filter
Tune is dialed in
I really enjoy the sound of the exhaust
It's quite a bit more responsive than with sp2 throttle bodies and the Mori exhaust.


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