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caliper disassembly

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how hard is it to take the front brakes off of my '03 rc? i want to do some clean-up and change the pads but i don't want to mess anything up either. before i start unbolting things, is it a simple take'em off and put'em on procedure?
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They are very easy to remove.
Each caliper is held by two 8mm bolts to the caliper bracket.
There's no need to remove the caliper bracket, only the caliper.

I recommend loosening the retainer pins before you remove the caliper.
And remove and work on one caliper at a time because when you push the pistons into the bores, they will exert a force on the other caliper pistons as well.
I put a piece of thick cardboard between the pads so I can push the pistons into the bores without damaging the pad surface. Some use wooden wedges.
That's if you don't have a fancy pad spredder tool.

Before you replace the old pads, use some brake cleaner and a old toothbrush to scrub around the pistons to remove dirt and pad dust. It will prevent wear/damage to the piston dust seals.
I suggest you buy a service manual for your bike. It's worth it's weight in gold if you work on your bike.

For future reference, the caliper bracket is mounted to the fork by 10mm bolts with a T50 Torx head.
These bolts are discontinued. If the head is damaged and the bolt must be replaced, you can substitute with 10mm Flanged Hex bolt.
For my SP2, it was a 10x35, it may differ on an SP1.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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