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Canadian RC eh

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Hey everyone, greetings from the north. Just bought a 00 and like everything else ive touched the mod bug has caught me. Figured best way to find out some good choices would be to come to this site.
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What up? Welcome to the site. What mods you thinking of?
Welcome! You'll find this is a GREAT group of folks. Very willing to share ideas/opinions with MINIMAL attitude. You found a GREAT forum to be part of...:)
Well from what ive been reading on here ill prob start with a pc111 and exhaust, then do little stuff like levers, windscreen, undertail, flushmount signals, etc. Digging through pictures at work tryin to find what i like.
Welcome !!! 2000 is a good year, the original superbike champ. I have an 00 so anything you got let me know and I'll be glad to help out. Like Pisano said good group here small group and no attitude yet. It hasn't gotten tainted yet like the other sites.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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