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Changing torx bolt on calipers

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Does anyone know if it is possible to change the torx bolts on the front calipers whilst they are still on the bike and full of brake fluid?
Reason being mine are rusty as hell so i have ordered new ones but hope the old ones can be replaced with the new ones whilst the calipers still have fluid in them.

thanks in advance
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Hi Pirks. Where have you ordered the new ones from? You have me thinking about changing mine now. 馃憤
Of course this thread is useless without a few pictures of these new bolts installed... 馃槃
They look great.. Really fresh. 馃槑
Thank goodness i didn鈥檛 get around to posting pics or id have been shamed with you using those titanium bolts.
馃槃 I don't know.. If a purist sees the titanium ones.. They might give it the "Thats not factory" response 馃ぃ

But seriously I still wouldn't mind seeing yours.. Its hard to visualise new OEM ones when I'm looking at grey/brown ones on mine.. 馃憤
1 - 4 of 18 Posts